Touch ID not working Properly, Here's how to fix it

Folks, there is so many times your new iPhone 5s Touch ID will not response you as he has to. It's not a problem with your finger, it is actually how you store your finger image on first time.

Touch ID certainly isn’t perfect: As someone who’s been using it since I picked up my iPhone 5s on launch day, I’ve had my fair share of frustration—especially because I swapped out my simple 4-digit passcode with a multi-character alphanumeric version.

How to access Draft eMails instantly on iPhone or iPad

If you're writing an email on your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini and you don't have time to finish, or you're simply not sure you're ready to send it yet, you can always save it as a draft and come back to it later.
However, it can take a lot of hunting and tapping to actually get back to it. Luckily, iOS contains a gesture shortcut that can make tracking down all your draft emails a little bit faster.

How to upgrade to iOS7 Right Now (No Developer Ac Needs)

As we did last year with iOS 6, we again back with iOS 7 hack.

Can't wait for iOS 7, So stop waiting, iNstall it Now.

Although iOS 7 won't see an official release until September 18th, you can install the final version right now even if you're not a developer thanks to some anonymous public postings of the software update files.

Here's how.

What we expect from September 10 iPhone event

When Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters on Tuesday, he’ll likely do something Apple has never done before: release two iPhones at once.

iPhone 5S event on September 10
The introduction of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is widely rumored and eagerly anticipated at next week’s big Apple event, though it’s unlikely they’ll be the only new devices at the company's first major product launch in almost a year.

Here’s what to expect on Tuesday:

Gangnam Style - Most Hilarious Parody Top 10


Gangnam Style Crack All Records Ringtones Music Video Free downloadI’m afraid you have no choice. Get off your high horse andonto that invisible one. Hands in front. Gallop. Shuffle. Imaginary lasso. Alldone Gangnam style.

Gangnam what? Well, you know… the latest viral video, byPSY.

PSY who? Come on, he’s the current king of K-Pop.

K-Pop what? Oh dear. Let’s start at the beginning. In fact,we’ll be really nice and hand you this cheat sheet. Now you can look cool whenyou hang with your better-informed ten-year-old nephews and nieces.

How to Play Chess or Checkers on Your iPhone with iMessage (Modified)

Using an app that has Game Centre built in is a really easy way to play boardgames against friends, but here’s another perhaps slightly more tedious way of going about it.

How to Play Chess or Checkers on Your iPhone with iMessage

Last week we discovered the funniest way to play Connector Four on an iPhone. It’s silly and slightly painful, but completely awesome in a nerdy way. Now someone’s raised the stakes and figured out that you can also create games of Checkers or Chess using emoji.