Gangnam Style - Most Hilarious Parody Top 10

Gangnam Style Crack All Records Ringtones Music Video Free downloadI’m afraid you have no choice. Get off your high horse andonto that invisible one. Hands in front. Gallop. Shuffle. Imaginary lasso. Alldone Gangnam style.

Gangnam what? Well, you know… the latest viral video, byPSY.

PSY who? Come on, he’s the current king of K-Pop.

K-Pop what? Oh dear. Let’s start at the beginning. In fact,we’ll be really nice and hand you this cheat sheet. Now you can look cool whenyou hang with your better-informed ten-year-old nephews and nieces.

What is Gangnam Style anyway?

On July 15, Korean Pop (K-Pop) video ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSYwas posted on YouTube. Just 51 days and it had 100 million views. It zoomed tothe top of the YouTube chart beating Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber. A fewdays ago, the song made it to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Song chart, which itentered in late August at No. 58.

The singer, PSY, recently taught Britney Spears how to dohis ‘galloping horse dance’, coining a new popular catch phrase “Dress classyand dance cheesy.” He also performed live at the Rockefeller Center in New YorkCity for NBC’s Today show.

It’s an accomplishment, considering the song is in hisnative language, with no translations. PSY is the first Korean artist to gomainstream in the United States. This was largely possible because of theInternet, since the song went viral via mobile phones and computers, onFacebook, Twitter and YouTube.
So far the official video has 6 million views. Numbers justkeep going up.

I'm afraid that Micheal Jackson "Moon Walk" is defeated by this "Horse Riding Dance".
Sooner or later it going to touch 1 billion of all time high view on YouTube and we just wanna help him out to be that.

Best Parodies of the viral video

I just made a compilation of best music video parodies of Gangnam Style. If you wanna Gangnam Style Music, RingTones,Video for your iPod/iPad/iPhone just write to me directly or iMesaage me at

Watch the original video:

If you wanna Gangnam Style Music, RingTones,Video for your iPod/iPad/iPhone just write to me directly or iMesaage me at

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