Gangnam Style - Most Hilarious Parody Top 10


Gangnam Style Crack All Records Ringtones Music Video Free downloadI’m afraid you have no choice. Get off your high horse andonto that invisible one. Hands in front. Gallop. Shuffle. Imaginary lasso. Alldone Gangnam style.

Gangnam what? Well, you know… the latest viral video, byPSY.

PSY who? Come on, he’s the current king of K-Pop.

K-Pop what? Oh dear. Let’s start at the beginning. In fact,we’ll be really nice and hand you this cheat sheet. Now you can look cool whenyou hang with your better-informed ten-year-old nephews and nieces.

How to Play Chess or Checkers on Your iPhone with iMessage (Modified)

Using an app that has Game Centre built in is a really easy way to play boardgames against friends, but here’s another perhaps slightly more tedious way of going about it.

How to Play Chess or Checkers on Your iPhone with iMessage

Last week we discovered the funniest way to play Connector Four on an iPhone. It’s silly and slightly painful, but completely awesome in a nerdy way. Now someone’s raised the stakes and figured out that you can also create games of Checkers or Chess using emoji.

Play Connect 4 with your friends on iMessage


Sorry for this long delay of my post actually I busted my server PSU & the PSU only available in USA so importing & custom as well installation takes time, now all fine so I post a new tips today "Play Connect 4 with use of Emoji".

Play Connect 4 with iPhone iPad using iMessage
Emoji's are almost always fun. I mean, does it get better than throwing up hilarious characters like a hammering toilet with winged money to friends or changing Jay-Z and Kanye West lyrics to Emoji so hard? Didn't think so. But what about those shape emojis? THOSE are useless. Until now.

Those stupid shape Emojis that no one really ever uses CAN ACTUALLY BE USED TO PLAY CONNECT FOUR. GENIUS. Yeah, there's probably an app for that but WHO THE HELL cares. It's Emoji 4 and that's funner than any digital board game on the planet.