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When you have iPhone there will be lot more you can do it. You might be sending emails through it to your friends, family, organizations friends and everyone one including officials.
Create Signature for iPhone eMail App The default signature stamp in iPhone is "Sent from my iPhone" and you can change it any text you desired including HTML.

You can create HTML iPhone signatures easily via an application developed to generate HTML iPhone signatures. here the signature can be directly create from your iPhone or from your computer or laptop.

After click on this link iPhone Signature Creator version 4 you will redirected to a page where you need to sign up for a account as usual on other site, you can also choose sign in with Facebook for easy sign in process. After sign up process you get a form to fill up the required details.
In that above form please make sure that you enter required details like email address, name, phone number and residential address as most of the information asked there is optional and can be skipped like Complimentary Close, first name, last name etc.,. You can even make your Title and Company boxed have turned into colors, either bold or italic.
Apart from that you have options to provide your own customized logo image supporting JPEG, GIF format images and the landing page on the logo.
Also if you like you can show FaceTime Link, Twitter Icon, Facebook Icon, LinkedIn Icon in the email signature.
And finally you require PIN number for the first time when you are using it, you need to generate it here.
And finally you need to click "Create Signature" & your email signature is created and you need to navigate below to site to see your finally created signature, if you don't like something just edit above form & generate  signature again. After satisfying with your signature you need to navigate through  left side of dashboard & need to "Email Signature URL".

After that you got a notification on the top of the page that signature email sent successfully.
Now you need to check your email in your iPhone / iPad. There you received a link to a page of signature after selecting it you redirect to a Coolgeex Page just bookmark this page to your home screen & whenever you need to send email click on this bookmark on your home screen to get cool HTML signature.

How's this trick just let us know by your comments below. If you feel difficulty in making the signature then ask us for help.

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