How to Send Wild Emoticons on Your iPhone

Many of you know my earlier post about how to activate a Smileys/Emoji in iPhone/iPad Keyboard.
Today i tell one more new creative keyboard which also natively incorporated in iOS keyboard but only few know about it use as Wild Emoticons.

The steps are same as to activate Smiley/Emoji i told you earlier, Just make not of the keyboard which need to select this time.

Upgrade to iOS6 Right Now (No Developer Ac Needs)

Can't wait for iOS 6 So stop waiting, iNstall it Now.

Although iOS 6 won't see an official release until September 19th, you can install the final version right now even if you're not a developer thanks to some anonymous public postings of the software update files.

Upgrade to iOS6 Right Now (No Developer Ac Needs)

Here's how.

Brief about everything Announced Today's iPhone 5 event

Tim Cook and the gang at Apple were in full force at today’s keynote. Yes, the iPhone 5 was announced, but there was so much more than that. EarPods, Lighting, crazy new iSight cameras, iTunes, and much more.

iPhone5 event September 2012 Tim Cook Addressing
The keynote was packed with info, but we’ve broken everything down into delicious bite-size information nuggets so you can know all of the essentials of what happened today without having to read 3000 different blog posts.
May be you are tired with this all info which actually not driven to anywhere so i just made roundup of all blogs like The Verge, MacRumors,9To5Mac,etc.

Here’s everything that Apple announced at Today’s Keynote:-

Create free Custom HTML Signature for iPhone eMail

When you have iPhone there will be lot more you can do it. You might be sending emails through it to your friends, family, organizations friends and everyone one including officials.
Create Signature for iPhone eMail App The default signature stamp in iPhone is "Sent from my iPhone" and you can change it any text you desired including HTML.

You can create HTML iPhone signatures easily via an application developed to generate HTML iPhone signatures. here the signature can be directly create from your iPhone or from your computer or laptop.

Turn your Mac/Windows Laptop into a Free Wireless Hotspot for iPad/iPhone

Friends! Nowadays everybody got Internet connection at there home/school or at office & some time WiFi but majority person still don't have WiFi connections all time.

As well we travels with two or more WiFi internet-connected devices (like iPad/iPhone & Laptop), but many hotels still require you to pay extra daily charges for each WiFi connection even have free wired network (Ethernet).

Turn laptop into wifi hotspot router

Even though i have WiFi router at home, I've been traveling a lot for auditing works, and I quickly got sick of paying an extra Rs.500/$10 per day to get my iPad or iPhone online even they giving free wired connection (Ethernet).