STREAMiNG MUSiC from YouTube/VEVO/Vimeo without ViDEO

Buddies, Do you like music? Ya! Off course everybody on this earth like music in its different-2 kinds. Music can transport us. It can make us happy or sad, anxious or excited. It communicates to us on a very deep level. Traditionally, though, we haven't gotten much choice over which music is beamed at us.
Streaming Music from mobile video site
Now the music come in very much high quality (bit rate) then earlier so the size also increases. Listening the high quality song is very good to ear but they took a very precious space in your iPhone if you choose to download it, as well now people choice also changes rapidly so choosing a song downloading and syncing is not a good option every time.
Now after the 3G-4G/WiFi age who wanna download music, many streaming services are available in the market like Spotify where you can choose the music to be streamed to you in HQ. But who wanna give the monthly/ yearly rental for this?!LOL!

I have an idea! you all very well know that on YouTube/VEVO/Vimeo etc. channels have almost all the songs video before they available in market with a very high quality Audio (320 kbps) some time more than your streaming service provider. Now one Q is poping in your mind i wanna music not video? as when you wanna do something like mail/draft/blog you need to close video.

I know, I know just do step by step and get the requisite results:-

Step 1. First open the YouTube/Vimeo/VEVO app/website in your iPhone & Search the music video which you wanna hear.

Search music in YouTube app

Step 2. Got the video, play it on.

Play music in YouRube app

Step 3. Now just press the Home button so the app stop and Home springboard come.
iPhone Home Button,

Step 4. Now double tap the home button so the multitasking bar open, slide to right so the iPod/Music control open.

iPod/Music control box in multitasking bar

Step 5. Click on play button and Bingo! now you only hear music not video.
Now if you wanna do other task like writing/reading mail, working on keynote/word/pages or blogging do it as usual.

Noting beans: These tips worked for both apps as well website (mobile site), so you can stream any audio from website who can run on your safari browser.

How it is! let us know how these tips worked out for you, and if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!

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