How to SECURE against e-mail HACKiNG (Hotmail & Yahoo! Mail)

Friends yesterday we talked about how to secure all around Google Mail (gmail), we continue the same with Hotmail & Yahoo! Mail today.


Hotmail (now Microsoft Outlook), the free webmail service from Microsoft, includes various security features that can help protect you from spam/fraud & hacking. Today i guide you how to configure Hotmail’s new security features to improve the overall security of the email account.

Setup Trusted PC

Hotmail use a unique method "Trusted PC" for securing your identity. For this you need to use the Windows Live Essentials package and verify the computer you are using as reliable by sign in. “Trusted PC” is a unique new proof that lets you link your Hotmail account with one or more of your personal computers. Then, if you ever need to regain control of your account by resetting your password, you simply/only have to use the trusted computer and Hotmail will know you are the legitimate owner. It’s a great feature for those who are really paranoid about email security.

Setup Trusted PC by following steps:-

Step 1. Go to Windows Live Essentials & Download the installer. After running the installer it will ask you to install full or customized (Photo Gallery/Writer/Movie Maker/Messenger etc.). You can choose what you want & click Install.

Windows Live Essentials

Step 2.After installation finish a windows live log-in window appeared. If not appeared then go to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer\wlstartup.exe & then run the file it will open the log in window. In this window log in with your hotmail ID and select the below option "Make This My Trusted PC.." after selecting radio button of "Remember my ID and Password".

Windows live log in window

Step 3. Load and log into the Hotmail website as usual but use only Internet Explorer.

Hotmail log in,

Step 4. Click on your name or photo at the upper right corner of the main Hotmail homepage, and choose Account. Now under overview tab you find Edit security info under "Password and Security info".

Security info under account in hotmail

Step 5. Now in Security Info tab you will see your PC name registered as Trusted PC. You have done it.
Trusted PC

If you didn't see this message instead showing message of Install windows live essentials under Trusted PC tab then you need to enable "windows live sign in helper plug in".
enable windows live sign in plug in
Now when you need to regain or reset you password just go to reset password link on your Trusted PC.

The new password reset proofs give users more flexibility when reseting passwords and recovering accounts. To bad the trusted PC proof is currently limited to the Windows operating system, and there to users who have Live Essentials installed.

Enable Timed Expired Password

In my professional career, I have seen, or heard of, a number of cases of exposure of password information. Sometimes it’s as simple as a departing employee who knows far too much information and may not be trusted, or as mind-boggling as a team sharing a list of important passwords, and one of the team members losing the list.

Once you hit that scenario, it can be months before you get the password changed. Yes, months. And all during that time, the account may be compromised.
But main problem How i know to change a password? How i remember this all? I have lots of important thing need to remember?

Ok..Ok...I know this, here is i'm with a auto expired password mechanism. Just follow below steps:-

Step 1. Log In just as above step till you reach the Account tab.

Step 2. Now instead of selecting "Edit Security info" select "Change Password" under "Password and security info".

Step 3. Here just select the radio button of "Make me change my password every 72 days". Click save and you have done it.

Perishable hotmail password

Now every 72 days interval hotmail insist you to change password.

Help Hacked Friends

If cybercriminals hack into a Hotmail account, they can send messages that look like they originate from a trusted source. The first people to know that a Hotmail account has been compromised are often people in the recipient's contact list, who get unwanted or even dangerous spam from the hacked account. This spam can contain malicious links or fake stories about how the sender is in danger and needs money right away.

If you get mail like this, you can use a feature in Hotmail that lets you report someone else's account has been hacked. Now, when you get an email from a friend that smells of something sea dwelling -- say a plea for some extra scratch from abroad -- you can select "My friend's been hacked!" from the "Mark as" menu, alerting the powers that be that your friend's account has been hacked.

My friend's been hacked

When you mark a missive as junk, you can likewise click a box that reads: "I think this person was hacked!" Once that's done, the spammers are kicked to the curb, and your friend is put through an "account recovery flow" the next time they attempt to log in.

Yahooahoo! Mail & Other emails

Now you know the 2 most used email security feature but our world is full of massive free/paid emails clients. We can't able to scrutinize each & every client for there security feature so we make a general list of security measures who make your email more robust secure against hacking.

1. Make use of Sign in Security

We find that most well known email client offer different-2 sign in security measure to curb hacking. So making use of that measure make your sign in more secure.

In yahoo you can use the sign in seal option to verify the computer. Sign in seal is basically an image or color that Yahoo displays for each of your computers adding another layer of security to the login process.

2. Use a Strong Password

Yes, I know this is what every other tech blogger says every single time. But that has never made people any wiser. Even hackers feel insulted when they come across passwords like “abcd123”, “pass@123” and the like. Google is the best when it comes to putting real effort into securing your email account proactively. You can use special characters, numbers, upper and lower case alphabets of almost any length. My Gmail password is between 60 to 80 characters long and my general rule of thumb is to have a password that only the NSA can hack.

3. Use a Reliable Secondary Email Address

Absolutely no Hotmail accounts for secondary fallback email account people. They still have their stone age era email account expiry plan after certain number days of non usage. So if the secondary email address is Hotmail and is expired, anyone create it back again to receive password reset information. And since webmail providers have this peculiar habit of giving all kinds of hints to remind you of the email address where the password recovery link has been sent, use an uncommon, custom domain or corporate email address that is hard to guess and hack into.

4. Setup SMS Alerts

Go to your account settings and add your mobile number to receive SMS alerts. Once that’s set up, Google/Hotmail/Yahoo etc. will send you the password reset code whenever somebody tries to reset your password. Alternatively, if you are a smartphone user, you can rely on these SMS alerts and disable password recovery via email altogether. Email accounts are always vulnerable to a hacker from a remote place but your mobile phone is not. Yahoo & Gmail provides the same feature free. Hotmail has a similar feature but is not supported in a lot of countries.

5. Be Sensible with your Security Question?

Ok. There’s absolutely no point in having the security question, “My favorite doggy”, and posting pics of you and your poodle with images titled “Rolling with Rosy” on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of personal information is available online, thanks to social networks. On being the weakest links in the email security chain, security questions rank ahead of weak passwords. It’s nice to be an open book but select a question from those stapled pages and blacked out lines.

6. Be safer when you use a Public Computer

When you sign in to email from a public computer, like those at airports, coffee shops, and Internet cafes, you can now use a single-use code to sign in. A single-use code is like a disposable password that you use only once. That means that you do not have to type your password into a computer that might be controlled by a cybercriminal.

To get a single-use code, click Sign in with a single-use code, and Hotmail/Gmail or others who offer will send a one-time use authentication code to a cell phone or another email address that you've already given them. You can opt to use the one-time code, instead of your password, to access your account on a public computer.

7. Login Regularly

Last but not the least, even if a hacker gets hold of the answer to your security question, they cannot use it immediately to reset the password and break into your email account. Password reset with security question is possible only after 24 hours of your account being inactive after receiving the password reset instructions. So for once, checking your mail regularly is a good thing. Also, it will help reset the Hotmail account’s expiry date. Unfortunately Hotmail and Yahoo do not have this useful restriction in place.

Did we miss an important tip or got a better suggestion? Share it with the rest of community in the comments section.

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