SEARCH Keywords on page in SAFARI

Friends, You know how to search on a specific web page in Internet Explorer/Chrome or other PC/MAC Internet browser but hardly you know or use this feature in Safari in iPhone / iPad.

It is very easy and very useful when you searching roll no. for results/searching specific name/terms on the specified page.

Here's How This Works

YOU CAN SEARCH for specific words on the page while on SAFARI with same Google search box.
To Do So, start typing in the search box and at the bottom will be the option On This Page. Tap Find"........" to find the first instance of that word.

SEARCH words on page in SAFARI

You can then press Next button ▶ to advance to the next instance of that word or Previous button ◀ if required. This way you can quickly go to the part of the page you're looking for.

SEARCH words on page in SAFARI

In iPad the "Find on Page" specifically provided separately attached to on screen keyboard which only finds words on the page itself. The Find on Page search box appear when you click on default search box & it search on real time basis instead of showing counter.

SEARCH words on page in SAFARI

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