LOCATE your iPhone iPad iPod even when your Battery Dead

Friends, here I don't share any special trick it's just an App which I like to share with you all.

Smartphone is a part of our everyday life and misplacing them is very usual . "FindMyiPhone" app helps you find your phone by playing a sound or showing its current location . But what happens when the device runs out of battery . There is no way to locate it since everything that FindMyiPhone uses to track the device is disabled when the battery is dead . But now with LastAlert Pro app you can find the last known location where your device was working.

LastAlert Pro lets you keep track of your iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch using email alerts when the battery is low giving accurate GPS coordinates to locate the device on a map . Much like the FindMyiPhone app , but keeps a track of the device . The app is carefully optimized to use the minimum of the battery power.

Features :

1) Email Alert when the battery is about to run out.

2)Audible Alert lets you select an alert sound and choose up to 3 alert thresholds (20%, 10%, 5% etc).

3)Compass tracking for accurately locate your device’s location using GPS , WiFi etc . Average accuracy varies between 5ft-20ft.

Cons :

1)The apps need to keep running in the background.

2)It must be manually launched unlike FindMyIphone which works as a system process at all times.

3)Compass feature not available on iPod Touch.

4)The use of GPS running in the background will decrease.

Last Alert Pro is arguably the best app on the market for keeping your device safe and sound. Marketed mainly towards parents whose children own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch,  it allows you to set three custom alert intervals for when a battery’s device is low. Unlike iOS notifications, which are silent, the alerts are audible, meaning once the sound is initiated, that iDevice must get to a charger before going flat.

Locate iPhone iPad when battery die
Locate iPhone iPad when battery die

The most intriguing, useful feature has to be the email alerts which, in the event of a dying battery, will send a notification via email of the device’s last known GPS coordinates. Again, you can base your email notifications at up to three different "low battery" intervals, and, if Last Alert Pro is installed on another iOS Devices, the location can be tracked through the app itself.

Locate iPhone iPad when battery die

This app is great, particularly for those regularly losing their devices in their home. Sure, you can give yourself a call via the landline, but as you well know, 99.9% of the time, when you misplace your device, it will be on Silent (not vibrate, dead silent), mocking you profusely until you finally locate it in the last place you decide to look.

Locate iPhone iPad when battery die

For $1.99, it’s good value for money, and if you’re prone to misplacing your phone, this could be your savior one day & download LastAlert Pro from iTunes.

Or you should enable "FindMyiPhone" through iCloud in Settings.

Locate iPhone iPad when battery die

I know you are not keen me for this type of App Review but it still be a trick which hidden in iPhone. If you like it just comment below.

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