Force iOS to use YouTube site instead of App

iOS Fanboys, The default YouTube app that comes with iOS was great back in 2007, but it hasn’t seen a significant update in years and is lacking many features compared to the newer mobile YouTube website ( that Google launched two years ago in 2010.

Today i point out that how you can stop iOS from launching the native YouTube app when you click on a YouTube link, and force it to use the superior YouTube mobile website instead.
But first you have to know what benefits you get by doing this.

1) Faster streaming as well HQ compared to you tube app & more detailed options & about video.

2) More social connection like Facebook & Google+. (check below comparison)



3) Like / Dislike as well Add to+ button for adding video to Google+ Hangout, Watch later or playlist.

4) One touch subscription option.

5) As well YouTube mobile site provide HQ toggle button to choose video quality as our choice, which not available in app.

To do enable YouTube site instead of App, simply disable YouTube under Settings > General > Restrictions (you need to "Enable Restrictions" by providing 4digit code).

enable restriction

Once you’ve done that, all YouTube links you click on in an iOS browser will open YouTube’s mobile website; the native YouTube app will also be hidden. If you decide you want to revert these changes and go back to using the YouTube app for those links, go to the Restrictions settings and toggle YouTube back on.

UPDATE: In iOS 6 apple remove dedicated YouTube App as they remove Map & Navigation services from Google. It's also means that now Google create a dedicated YouTube app which have more features than now. App launched & can get it here.

Have you Noticed: If you look closely you'll see that the Map icon is actually where the apple headquarters are in Cupertino, California.
Map, Map iPhone 4S
Known as 1 Infinite Loop for a continuous oval, it has been the campus of apple since 1993. An infinite loop is also a common type of programming error, so is apt as a name for the road.
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