AIR PLAY it's much more than Apple TV connection

Friends, you may be get wonder that AirPlay feature which introduce in iOS 4 and enhanced in iOS5 is not only stream media through your Apple Tv, it can do much more.

Air Play

Basically people know only half the truth or myth that Air Play only usable when you have Apple TV. but it's completely wrong I'm here tell you one great features of Air Play without Apple Tv.

Today I tell you how can you stream music movies videos from your PC/Mac to your iPhone iPad iPods without Apple Tv even can play on your HDTVs even when they don't acceptable in iTunes.

A) When streaming media is in iTunes (or iTunes compatible Media)

In this case you just need to open iTunes in your PC/Mac and enabled home sharing by selecting HOME SHARING and providing iTunes email ID & Pass.

Air Play

Now open Settings> Music> Home Sharing in your iPhone / iPad / iPod and use the same ID & PASS here which used in your PC/Mac iTunes application.

Air Play

Bingo! Now just open Music / Videos app in iPhone iPod iPads and you can see your PC/Mac music movies in your iPhone / iPad / iPods. You can stream the media to your HDTVs through "Apple Digital AV Adapter" with HDMI cables.

Air Play
Air Play

B) When streaming media is not supported by iTunes like .mkv/wmv etc.

i) "AirPlay it" with Server on PC/Mac
ii) "Apple Digital AV Adapter" in case of streaming to HDTVs
iii) A WiFi connection

Now you just need to do Step by Step:-

1) Install the "AirPlay it" app from the App Store to your iPhone / iPod / iPad.

2) Install the server of AirPlay it to you PC/Mac.

3) Open the Server Application on PC/Mac and Select the iTunes folder for Music & Movies and other folder you want to stream which have non-supported media.

4) Now open AirPlay it app in iPhone /iPad /iPod when the server is running on the PC/Mac and select LOCAL SERVER named to your PC/Mac name and Bingo! you are connected.
Air Play

5) Now just select your movie/ video from the folder with requisite details like, Video Quality, Audio/Subtitle Stream etc. and click on play button. After starting conversion the movie playing on your iPhone iPod iPad or if you are connected it to HDTV then played on it.

Airplay It Streaming Media
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Energy Saving Tip: Friends! you may be also like to watch late night movies, but if you watching movie from AirPlay it you can switch off the PC right from your iPhone/iPad by going to server settings and save electricity without loosing your comfort zone.

Do you like this trick then comment below how's your experience with it.