Make your Music more Alive like iTunes Purchased and show as cover flowwith Album Art

Hello friends most of you love music as well most of us don't pay single penny for any music.
Because there is so many websites offer free music to hear / download / stream through your handsets like pandora sites. If you choose stream then there is no problem at all even you can't do more with it. But when you choose download you get a mp3 without album art/ description / details of artist / year etc.
And when you have iPad / iPod / iPhones without these all music look unattractive and senseless, when you don't buy music from iTunes.
If you want this all,

Just Do Step by Step:-

Step 1. You need iTunes in PC/Mac and with lots of mp3, which you get from any websites who offer free mp3. (due to privacy issues I can't provide it hear just comment below with your email ID get right in your inbox I provide you a better websites who offer great mp3 with iTunes like quality).

Step 2. Go to add all mp3 through File> add file/ folder to library.

Step 3. Now select all mp3 and right click so a dialog box open.

iTunes get info

Step 4. Now you select find info tab.

 iTunes get info tab

Step 5. Here select cover flow tab so all false / mp3 websites image deleted.

Step 6. Now you have to do a very long task which you can do with some online tools but I recommended to use one great iTunes plug in called "Tune Up"
(but you can only use them for some basic need to automatically added), you have to select pending mp3 who not get any info by tune up plug in one by one and go to find info tab and add all details like Artist Name / Song Title / Album Name / Year. You find this all info just by searching it on iTunes store.

Step 7. After doing this long process you get a very good details of songs, now go to advanced menu bar and then select Get Album Art (for better pictures or pending album arts) from dialogue box and bingo you get a very beautiful cover flow of album arts.

Get album artwork in iTunes

Step 8. Still some album are missing there album art due to of spelling errors in album name and artist name. Just edit them and select again find album art.

Step 9. After doing this all plug in your iPhone / iPod / iPad with iTunes
through cable / sync through wifi.

Step 10. Now show off you device to your friend and jealous them that you buy all legal music they used pirated one LOL!.

Music with album art

If you feel any problem and need name of the websites who offer iTunes quality mp3 and tools for adding details to your mp3 just comment below with your email IDs.