How to made all Long Conversation Grouped in iOS Mail App

Many of you use iPhone / iPod / iPad in business / professional / social mail also. Some time the conversations goes so long so that you can't remember where it get started and in smart devices it also difficult to search each receive mail / reply sent / attachments.

But you don't worry about it I have an idea about you need following perquisites- Hotmail email ID (and if you don't have that then made it) with option to an email and all replies to it grouped together and arranged chronologically.

Just do Step by Step:-

1. Open your hotmail in your safari.
Select Options & More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.

Select more options under option menu in hotmail

2. Go to Conversations and faster reading under Reading email.

3. Select radio button of "Group messages by conversation" under Conversations and faster reading > Conversation settings.

select faster reading & grouping the messages

Click SAVE.

4. Bingo! Now just refresh your email in safari as well in your iOS mail app.

Now View Emails Grouped by Conversation in Windows Live Hotmail in Mail Client.

Make Auto group in iPhone Mail
Make Auto group in iPhone Mail

If you have any problem and want to share with just comment below.