HOW TO SAVE BATTERY as well it's LIFE -Keep it Alive Longer

Today I go to Chandigarh (HP) for some work and in the transit I feel my battery of iPhone drain so fast even after I closed the data connection the darning still continue. My iPhone which battery normally last 1.5 day about to finish in 10 hours journey in which 5 hours is without 3G as well only few calls and some minutes surfing.

When I check this thing my eyes goes to network bar it's shows 2 or sometimes 3 so I understand the resion behind it. Thanks fully my 3 tier AC coach has power socket so I able to recharge it and write the blog of today.

So todays our topic is how to save / preserve battery of iPhone / iPod / iPad for longer work as well long life.

Just go Through Step by Step:-


FORCED REBOOT when your iPhone / iPad / iPod not listening you

I'm starting to think there is some sort of bad luck attached to my iTunes Store account, as tonight I experienced the third iTunes Store App that completely locked up my iPhone.
While playing "VIRTUOSO PIANO FREE 3" in my iPhone, the phone completely locked up with an almost-faded out display. What was worse, the iPhone became completely unresponsive - the display wouldn't accept any of my taps, and even the external buttons were ignored. Momentarily wishing I could simply yank the battery to cut the power and reset the phone, I realized Apple must have some sort of a contingency in place for lock-ups like these.

Forced reboot iPhone iPad when you stuck


Hello iFanboys,
You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that the iPhone’s native headphones have a button on the microphone.

iPhone Headphone multi-function

Just squeeze the microphone together, and the button gets pressed and it has many function which can free your hand in work-out/driving.

Become expert in Just Step by Step:-


->Press once to answer a call
->Press twice to send the call to voicemail
->Click once to hold current call and switch to new call
->Press & hold for 2 secs and release to ignore new call

Write fast Surf fast Work fast Tricks & Tips

Hello friends today I tell you how you can increase you writing/surfing/doing speed in iPad / iPhone / iPod with some hidden features of iOS.

Just See all Tips Carefully:-


It’s hard to explain, but once your learn this trick, it’s pretty fun to use. Instead of simply tapping Shift and then tapping your letter when you want the capital format, do this: tap Shift, drag your finger to the letter you want to capitalize, and release. It’s a bit odd at first, but I think it’s probably slightly faster.

Fall asleep listening your Music f**k the tension of Turn-off

!Do you like music!
Friends It’s great to fall asleep listening to your favourite music. However, you also don’t want your iPhone/ iPod playing music all night. Apple has provided an easy solution for it.

Just Do Step by Step:-

1. Go to the Clock app, set a timer for however long you want the music to play.

2. Then, instead of choosing a ring, choose to "Stop Playing" When Timer Ends options.
Click "Set".

listen music and fall asleep in iPhone iPad

How to UNDO / REDO / COPY/ DELETE in iPhone /iPod /iPads **PRESS &HOLD**

Friends many of you already well versed with the windows UNDO/REDO functionality in word/excel etc. But many of you don't know how to UNDO/REDO typing in iOS.
This is very much usable when you are writing text/email and need to delete/undelete some text just entered.

The delete function in mail/apps also not very well versed by many of iDevices users.

Don't worry,
Just Do Step by Step:-


When typing in any application, or when using cut, copy and paste, you just need to shake the iPhone / iPod / iPad..(LoL) to UNDO your typing.
Shake again to REDO.
Your phone will pop up a query to double-check.

How to create a CONTACT from a SMS in iPhone

Hello friends as my job is auditing so I regularly get SMS from clients as well friends regarding contact and address for the location.
With my iPhone i can easily create that SMS in contact in my address book.
Just do Step by Step:-
1. Got a message with contact no . Address.

2. Click on that blue arrow icon just right side of the message.

Create contact from SMS in iPhone/iPad

CALL is ringing but you are in MEETING how to put on SILENT instantly(even stop vibration in one touch in iPhone)

Hello buddies many of you thinking about that why this forward thinking Apple iPhone not have option to put call on silent / rejecting a call and sending an SMS to the caller is not a feature of the iPhone.

The second option is now a feature in iOS 6, so you have to wait for it but many of you don't know how to put call on silent.

iOS 6 call features, iOS 6 call features,

IN A MEETING when your phone rings ? Even on silent it might still be vibrating which is uneasy in

How to made all Long Conversation Grouped in iOS Mail App

Many of you use iPhone / iPod / iPad in business / professional / social mail also. Some time the conversations goes so long so that you can't remember where it get started and in smart devices it also difficult to search each receive mail / reply sent / attachments.

But you don't worry about it I have an idea about you need following perquisites- Hotmail email ID (and if you don't have that then made it) with option to an email and all replies to it grouped together and arranged chronologically.

Just do Step by Step:-

1. Open your hotmail in your safari.
Select Options & More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.

Get a SCREEN SHOT of your iPhone / iPod / iPad screen in just one touch

Some time when you get any error on your i devices like opening an app / safari error / bank transaction fault. As well you reached a milestone in your game and want to show off to your friends that thing or you got a very good shot in a game which you want to share with your friends. Don't worry you can do this very easy,
Just Do Step by Step:-

1. When you got any error or you want to share your screen pic to your friend just pause there or don't click any thing.

2. Just press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time, you'll also get the camera shutter sound, and your screen will be captured.

Make your Music more Alive like iTunes Purchased and show as cover flowwith Album Art

Hello friends most of you love music as well most of us don't pay single penny for any music.
Because there is so many websites offer free music to hear / download / stream through your handsets like pandora sites. If you choose stream then there is no problem at all even you can't do more with it. But when you choose download you get a mp3 without album art/ description / details of artist / year etc.
And when you have iPad / iPod / iPhones without these all music look unattractive and senseless, when you don't buy music from iTunes.
If you want this all,

How to ACTIVATE EMOJI / smileys in iPhone / iPad / iPods

This is inherent that many of you use iPhone / iPad as messenger through iMessage / What's App / other IM apps.
Messenger with emoji, make your message more attractive and more funny. But in iOS devices it's not primarily activated in your keyboard.
So pls follow step by step below to activate emoji keyboard in your iPhone iPad iPods:-

Step 1. Go to Settings>General>Keyboard.

Activate emoji or smileys in iPhone iPad Keyboard

How to Share Unlimited Times purchased apps between iPhone /iPod / iPads

Its a impossible task for some people to share apps between iOS devices but it possible and even you don't have to paid any more for that.

Just Do Step by Step:-

Step 1. Connect the iOS device which you want to share through Hotspot.

Share apps unlimited times between iPhone & iPad

Step 2. Open app store in the friends iOS device and log in with you apple ID.